Current situation

Every hour an intercity – journey time 26 minutes, without intermediate stops.
Every hour a slow train – journey time 47 minutes, with 10 intermediate stops.

There is an hourly intercity service between Roosendaal, Antwerp and the Brussels region (Brussels intercity) in both directions and an hourly slow train. Eventually, the Brussels intercity (Amsterdam – Antwerp – Brussels) will be using the high-speed line route between Rotterdam and Antwerp, with an intermediate stop in Breda. This means that the intercity link between Roosendaal and Antwerp will cease to exist and only the slow train will remain.

Desired situation

Roosendaal station is an important link for train travellers to and from the Province of Zeeland and the Dordrecht region. There is a desire in these regions to retain a high-quality intercity connection to Antwerp. This will require proper coordination between politicians and transport companies in Belgium and the Netherlands.