manon raats

Communication Manager

Manon Raats promotes the ambitions of EurekaRail and reinforces the brand. She maintains sustainable relationships with the many different stakeholders and brings together administrators, politicians and the public at international, national, regional and local level.
Manon has wide experience in communication management and strategy for leading rail and other infrastructure projects in the Netherlands.

Manon Raats
+ 31 6 345 90 666

mike lücker

Programme Manager

Strongly rooted in the region, Mike Lücker manages the complete EurekaRail project. He has final responsibility for the internal team, for managing the details of the various external investigation teams and for the funding of the EurekaRail programme.
Mike has a broad international orientation and has wide experience with complex infrastructure projects in the south of the Netherlands.

Mike Lücker
+31 6 21 51 83 02