preparation of ticketing and fares

Technical bottlenecks are not the only complication standing in the way of crossborder rail travel. There is also the issue of different ticketing systems and opaque prices. EurekaRail works to create a single ticket with transparent pricing, that is easy to purchase via a single digital payment system. Several pilot projects are currently underway among rail carriers. One of them is Glimble, where you can plan your journey, book a ticket and pay via a single app, even for cross-border travel. In addition to convenience, the app offers travellers information about different transport options to travel from door to door quickly and in comfort.


The options include share cars, public transport, (share) bicycles and taxis. That encourages people to choose alternatives to travel by car, makes travel easier, and improves accessibility. The app provides travellers with up-to-date and personal travel recommendations and updates about delays.

A single ticket is already available for the tri-country train between Maastricht and Aachen. Students of the RWTH can also use a Semester Ticket to travel in North Rhine-Westphalia and southern Limburg.