maastricht – liège

A frequent and high-quality train connection between Liège and Maastricht requires an upscaling and doubling of the frequency of the slow train between Liège and Maastricht to twice an hour with renewed rolling stock. A rapid change on the same platform would ensure better access to the city of Brussels and Brussels Airport. As an ICE station, Liège also offers good connections to destinations such as Paris and Lille.

Current situation

At present, a train runs on this route every hour. It runs as a regional service to the Belgian border town of Visé, after which it continues as an intercity to Liège and Hasselt. Passengers buy different tickets in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Desired situation

EurekaRail is pressing for an intercity than runs every 30 minutes between Liège and Maastricht, with a uniform ticket that is available and valid in both countries.


Discussions are being held regarding this route in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium to prepare for the Three-Country Train between Liège, Maastricht and Aachen. Consultations are also being held in this context regarding ticketing and fares. The Three-Country Train will be ready for operation in December 2018.