eindhoven- venlo – düsseldorf

The direct express connection between Eindhoven and Düsseldorf will be realised in 2026. At that time, Deutsche Bahn subsidiary START will take over exploitation of the line, fulfilling a long-held dream. Until then, several technical interventions will be needed on the rails and at various stations. For example, cross-border trains will have to be able to turn around in Eindhoven.

In Germany, doubling the rail line between Kaldenkirchen and Dülken is high on the agenda, which would allow an express train and a commuter train to run twice per hour between Venlo and Düsseldorf and save travellers around 20 minutes each way. Starting from 2026, a direct train without transfer will run all the way from Eindhoven to Düsseldorf via Venlo. The City of Eindhoven is developing plans to modernise the station area with a new bus station. The city aims to grow into an international junction in the south of the Netherlands, connecting Belgium and Germany.