about eurekarail

EurekaRail works to ensure that the missing links for borderless train travel can be provided rapidly. But also to remove obstacles. After all, fast train connections benefit economic development and cultural exchange, with the added advantage that trains are far better for the environment than cars.

In EurekaRail, the provinces of Limburg and Noord-Brabant, together with the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, work to bring about ‘borderless’ train connections. This is the subject of intensive consultations with public authorities in Belgium and Germany and all transport companies involved.

The process

  • In the past few years, we have brought together administrators, politicians, public-sector employees and direct stakeholders in all countries involved, with the aim of identifying bottlenecks and creating support for possible solutions.
  • Investigations are being carried out into the technical details, but also into the advantages and disadvantages for society. What will be the benefits for the economy and the environment, and what are the growth opportunities for the number of passengers on the various routes?

This is where EurekaRail comes from

Eureka! I have it… Archimedes is alleged to have said after discovering Archimedes’ Principle. A joyous exclamation after solving a difficult problem. EurekaRail consists of several parties that are jointly working to address the issue of cross-border rail traffic in the south of the Netherlands. In EurekaRail, the provinces of Limburg and Noord-Brabant join forces. The European Union provides financial support.

Do you wish to know more? E-mail us: info@eurekarail.net. Or download our folder here.